The Squishy Future of Content

I gave a talk at Confab Higher Ed (@confabevents) last week titled, The Squishy Future of Content. Meet Content have a great write-up of the whole event. If you get a chance, go to a Confab event. I can't recommend it enough. It was really useful and, as a developer, it was good to see and talk to "the other side of the house."

The talk description:

With the adoption of responsive design, we’re finding that our pixel-perfect content is no longer being placed in pixel-perfect boxes on pixel-perfect websites. Placeholder content no longer suffices during development. Copy-and-paste doesn’t work in migrating between designs. Rather, website design is more strongly informed by our content than ever before. With these changes we need to rethink how content affects our development workflow as well as understand how content and messaging affect layouts.

I could have also titled this talk The Chunky Future of Layout. Fluid layouts have caused us to rethink a lot of things but I think the most critical issue now facing us is the relationship between content and layout. I feel that too often we force content to take a backseat to design. This comes from several factors: an uninvolved client, too much emphasis on the importance of design, and a "just get the site handed off" mentality. I'm struggling with how to reboot my own processes but this talk presented some of my ideas on the subject and, hopefully, offers reasons for other folks to have their own reboots. Content has never been more important to the process of building websites.

Intrigued? Here is the deck:

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