63 New Websites Added to the Higher Ed Mobile Directory

I've updated my higher ed mobile directory with 63 new websites. Hopefully these continue to be valuable to folks as they review their options for mobile content and mobile solutions. One interesting data point from this last batch of sites is that 31.7% of the newly added sites used jQuery Mobile. Another interesting point is that, of 1,535 institutions that didn't have a central mobile website in June 2011, only 63 institutions, **or 4.1%, added a mobile website between June and mid-October 2011. It appears that **~18% of institutions now have a central mobile website. I can't decide if 1 in 5 institutions having a mobile site is a sign of progress or if 4 out of 5 schools are lagging behind.

I've added the new sites to this post for your convenience. The full list now contains 330 higher ed mobile websites. If you're interested in how I define mobile websites for the purposes of adding new sites or how I go about finding these sites please check out my methodology.

Added after publication but I want to make sure they get featured:

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