Two New Groups to Help You Keep Up With Mobile

Two new groups have been recently created related to mobile might be of interest to you:

Mobile Group on University Web Developers

Mark Greenfield (@markgr) recently created a new mobile group over at the uwebd Social Network. The group is being moderated by yours truly. Got questions about anything in mobile (SMS, native apps, QR codes, etc.)? Then please feel free to drop a line over there. We're hoping it can be a good resource for higher ed as mobile becomes a bigger part of our day-to-day operations. Honestly, if you're in higher ed, deal with anything web- or social media-related and haven't joined this great network you really should. Seriously, join.

Mobile Web on Yahoo! Groups

Over on Yahoo! Groups Peter-Paul Koch (@ppk) has set-up a group focused specifically on mobile web. Some interesting discussions so far. Hopefully as Brian Fling's (@fling) mobile web manifesto gets some more play the traffic will continue to increase. There are already a bunch of great people participating. Also, Peter's site, Quirksmode, is a great resource for any developer.

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