Design Patterns #2

The second post in my series on design patterns of mobile sites in higher ed.

Elon University

Elon University has a very nice and simple mobile site. The one feature that stands out to me is the "Map Tour." Selecting it presents a little description (the text is a wee small though) and then clicking through that it looks like it attempts to place you on campus based on your current location. Obviously I'm not close enough to campus for it to properly work. The "Map Tour" shows a use case for campus mobile that I'd like to see WVU and others take advantage of. Providing info to visitors in an unfamiliar setting is a great use of mobile. I hope theĀ geolocation API (allows a mobile site to access a device's GPS unit) is just the tip of the iceberg for access to a mobile device hardware capabilities.

Southeast Missouri State University

Southeast Missouri State University built there mobile site with Mobile Web OSP 1.0. They've taken the original grey layout and seriously spruced it up. It's great to see what people can do with a common base of code to make a product their own. I just wish I had the weather section updated for Mobile Web OSP 2.0 so I could use it too.

Soccer PSA
I'm a huge soccer fan (anyone who [follows me on twitter*]12 knows this*). Just a reminder that the US plays England to open their World Cup group play tomorrow, Saturday June 12th. Coverage starts at 1.30 pm EST on ABC. Going to be a huge match.

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