The Server Side of Responsive Design

I gave a talk at Breaking Development (@bdconf) this week that I hope served as an introduction to how, in certain cases, we can mix responsive design with server-side techniques to create better experiences for our users. I can't thank the folks at Breaking Development enough for giving me the opportunity to present. Overall, it was an amazing experience and you can get a taste of all of the great content by reviewing the decks from all of the presentations. I highly encourage you to check out one of their events next year.

The talk description:

Responsive web design has become an important tool for front-end developers as they develop mobile-optimized solutions for clients. Browser-detection has been an important tool for server-side developers for the same task for much longer. Unfortunately, both techniques have certain limitations. Depending on project requirements, team make-up and deployment environment combining these two techniques might lead to intriguing solutions for your organization. We'll discuss when it makes sense to take this extra step and we'll explore techniques for combining server-side technology, like server-side feature-detection, with your responsive web designs to deliver the most flexible solutions possible.

Intrigued? Here is the deck:

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