Slides from my Responsive Web Design Summit talk, 'Measuring Web Performance'

On Tuesday, April 16, 2013, I was lucky enough to give the opening talk on the web performance day of RWD Summit presented by Environments for Humans. This is the short description for the talk:

Today, a web page can be delivered to desktop computers, televisions, or handheld devices like tablets or phones. While a technique like responsive design helps ensure that our web sites look good across that spectrum of devices we may forget that we need to make sure that our web sites also perform well across that same spectrum. More and more of our users are shifting their Internet usage to these more varied platforms and connection speeds with some moving entirely to mobile Internet.

In this session we’ll look at the tools that can help you understand, measure and improve the web performance of your web sites and applications. The talk will also discuss how new server-side techniques might help us optimize our front-end performance. Finally, since the best way to test is to have devices in your hand, we’ll discuss some tips for getting your hands on them cheaply.

This presentation builds upon Dave's "Optimization for Mobile" chapter in Smashing Magazine's "The Mobile Book."

So here is the deck embedded into the post for your convenience:

Questions about the deck? Want me to give this talk at your conference or meet-up? Check out my contact info or hit me up at @dmolsen on Twitter.

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