Help Needed: Reviewing & Updating Detector’s Feature & Test Suite

As I push towards the v1.0 release of Detector I've decided to focus on refining the list of tests that form the core of Detector's "browser map." My original listing of tests was cherry-picked from Modernizr's "build tool." While a useful listing it doesn't cover every feature that may be of interest to developers. Especially, as I found, those developers primarily interested in mobile.

The draft listing of Detector's v1.0 tests is available as a Google Doc. I wasn't sure of the best way to leave feedback so I guess you can either reply to this post or put your comments in the "User Contributed Notes" section of each sheet. The primary criteria for a listed test is simply my own interest in that particular feature. The only type of tests that I've ruled out for now are ones that simply test browser performance (e.g. FPS).

The listing was built using the following resources:

In locations where I've listed that a test doesn't exist (primarily Modernizr) I simply mean that it's not included in the official repo for that library. It could exist elsewhere. Ringmark didn't contain every test I expected (e.g. battery) so maybe I overlooked something there as well. Suffice it to say it's been a few late nights.

I also referred to the following material as reference:

To explain the organization of the sheets a little bit… Each sheet is my attempt to organize tests into logical groups. There is overlap. The most important column is B as that determines what's happening with a  particular test. The key is included at the bottom of each sheet.

I would love feedback on the list. Suggestions of tests to include or remove are very much welcome. I know the doc is overwhelming but I wanted to record as much information as I could while doing this process rather than have to look up things later on. I haven't looked at performance issues yet, fine-tuned tests, or anything as I'm simply trying to decide if the features could prove useful to developers and act as a quality snapshot of a UA. All of that will come as I narrow down what will be in the v1.0 test suite.


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