RESS: An Evolution of Responsive Web Design

I gave a talk at RefreshPittsburgh (@refreshpitt) last night that hopefully served as an introduction to RESS and Detector. I believe RESS  can help developers address some of the realities of deploying Responsive Web Design-based sites so it was awesome to share the concept. I can't thank Jason Head (@gjhead), Val Head (@valh), and Geoff Barnes (@texburgher) enough for giving me the opportunity to present. It was a really fun time with a good group both during and after the event and I can't recommend Refresh Pitt enough. The other talk of the night, given by Patrick Fulton (@patrickfulton), reviewed Compass and was really informative. If you're in Morgantown or Pittsburgh make sure you follow @refreshpitt on Twitter and attend the next event.

The talk description:

Responsive web design has become an important tool for front-end developers as they develop mobile-optimized solutions for clients. Browser-detection has been an important tool for server-side developers for the same task for much longer. Unfortunately, both techniques have certain limitations. I'll show how both front-end and server-side developers can take advantage of the new technique called RESS (Responsive Web Design with Server Side Components) that aims to be combine the best of both worlds for delivering mobile-optimized content.

Intrigued? Here is the deck:

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