I’ll Be Presenting on RESS at Refresh Pittsburgh Tuesday, May 15th @ 6.30pm

I'll be speaking at Refresh Pittsburgh (@refreshpitt) next Tuesday, May 15th at 6.30pm. I'm really excited about this talk since it's about a new technology, Responsive Web Design + Server Side Components (RESS), that I think holds much promise as we learn to deliver complicated responsive designs while standards get firmed up. Here is the talk description:

Responsive web design has become an important tool for front-end developers as they develop mobile-optimized solutions for clients. Browser-detection has been an important tool for server-side developers for the same task for much longer. Unfortunately, both techniques have certain limitations. I'll show how both front-end and server-side developers can take advantage of the new technique called RESS (Responsive Web Design with Server Side Components) that aims to be combine the best of both worlds for delivering mobile-optimized content.

If the talk sounds interesting here are some useful links to get some more background (though I will obviously cover all this in the talk):

I'll also be talking a little bit about my work with Detector.

By the way, the other talk that night will be given by Patrick Fulton (@patrickfulton) and is on Compass. The description:

This presentation is an overview of Compass, which is a CSS authoring framework that tackles common stylesheet problems such as grid layouts, handling CSS3 vendor differences, and stylesheet optimization. It does for CSS what jQuery has done for JavaScript: solve real world problems, letting designers and developers create stylesheets more efficiently.

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