EDUCAUSE Mobile Webinar & Report

This Wednesday, December 7 at 1pm ET EDUCAUSE Live! will be hosting a webinar with representatives from the University of Mississippi to talk about their mobile strategy. A summary of the webinar:

Those who work in a university setting are aware of mobile devices and their potential for enhancing campus life. In response, vendors are offering mobility solutions that claim they can address the needs of a typical university. This sounds appealing, but in reality a solid mobility strategy will likely consist of a suite of tools, approaches, and partnerships. This webinar will identify some of the big questions surrounding mobility and describe the approach that the University of Mississippi is taking for each. Examples are selecting scenarios that are good candidates for mobility, targeting native programming efforts to get the biggest bang for the buck, determining when to outsource and when to "do it yourself," and employing successful mobility strategies from other industries. Also included will be highlights from a recent mobility survey. For Ole Miss, a solid mobility strategy has evolved from focused study and struggle, yielding valuable insights for other institutions.

To attend the event you'll need to register.

Related to this webinar is the ECAR report, Mobile IT in Higher Education. There's an infographic that sums up the report. It's always good to get more insight into how mobile is being used in higher education.

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