“Breaking Development:” Learn All About Mobile Web Development Sep. 12-14 in Nashville, TN

Every year I get to go to one conference. Last year I attended my first "industry" conference by going to Design for Mobile. This year I've made a similar decision and I'll be attending Breaking Development. The conference description:

Breaking Development focuses on new, emerging techniques for web development and design for mobile devices. Our speakers are hand-picked to make sure you get challenging, well-delivered talks from a variety of different perspectives.

While I will be missing out on a good time and good info at a conference like HighEdWeb I'm excited to once again focus on mobile & only mobile. Two of the great features of the Breaking Development conference are the small crowd (attendance capped at 250) and a who's who line-up of approachable and knowledgeable speakers. If it's anything like Design for Mobile last year I expect that you could make some useful connections with other attendees and the speakers as well as have your brain melted by the talks.

The kicker is that if you sign-up before July 25th you'll save $200 on registration. So if you're interested make sure you get permission and register quickly.

If you're going to the conference drop a line in the comments. Maybe we can get a higher ed meet-up together to share notes and best practices.

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