Bits o’ News: Mobile Trends in Higher Ed Presentation, Michigan State Launches Mobile Site, & More

Some recent happenings in the world of higher education and mobileā€¦

Presentation: Mobile Trends and Opportunities

A few weeks back the Creative Services team (*their [blog*]2) at the College of William & Mary and mStoner jointly presented a webinar entitled "Mobile Trends and Opportunities." Unfortunately I was unable to attend. The presentations focus is on higher education but I think most everyone can take something away from it. Some of the questions the presentation tried to answer were:

  • What can mobile site delivery do for your institution?
  • Which audiences are most likely to engage with you this way, and how can you meet their needs?
  • What are the trends in mobile delivery for .edu sites, and how can your institution get started?

Frankly, from checking out the slides I think it was a home run of a presentation. You can download the slides (which is awesome for someone like me who couldn't attend!) as well as check out the Q&A that occurred after the event.

Michigan State University Launches Beta Mobile Site

The folks at Michigan State University just rolled out a beta mobile website based on Mobile Web OSP. Many thanks to that team for providing feedback on the project including, importantly, tips on accessibility and the WebKit templates.

Opera Mobile 10.1 Emulator Released

Opera has provided a great emulator for testing your mobile sites on their browser. It's available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Overview of Mobile Browser Landscape & Some Ideas for Testing

In the same vein Peter-Paul Koch (@ppk) published a good article entitled "Smartphone Browser Landscape" which gives a good overview of the current issues developers are facing when developing for the mobile web and the myriad browsers and versions.

W3C Finalizes Mobile Web Application Best Practices

For those wanting to stay up on the latest and greatest recommendations as you develop your mobile experiences be sure to check out the Mobile Web Application Best Practices from the W3C that was just finalized.

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