Bits o’ News: MIT Mobile Web 2.2.7 Released, iMobileU Announced, & Molly Project Moves to GitHub

Some interesting bits of news going on in the world of higher education and mobileā€¦

MIT Mobile Web 2.2.7 Released

The folks at MIT have released v2.2.7 of their framework on GitHub. Mobile Web OSP is originally based on v0.9 of that project. In order to use the new version you'll also have to download and set-up MIT's Mobile Service 2.1 (aka device detection) which is available on GitHub as well. Their are some other requirements as well for using the new version.

Special note: if you see the "download demo" link on the requirements page be aware that it's not the demo for v2.2.7 but an entirely new version of the framework.

iMobileU Announced

As part of the effort to support their project, MIT and Modo Labs (a spin-off of the folks who created the original framework and who have worked on Harvards mobile site) have announced iMobileU. It's actually been around for a while simply as a listserv and a bi-weekly conference call but they now have a web presence. It's mainly focused on supporting schools using the MIT Mobile Framework but they're definitely open to questions regarding general issues in mobile and higher ed.

Molly Project Moves to GitHub

The folks at the Molly Project, a Python-based mobile framework that I've talked about before, announced this week that they're moving their project to GitHub. GitHub seems to be the place to be now for higher ed mobile frameworks as MIT Mobile Web, Mobile Web OSP, and now Molly are all there. Another thing they announced is that they're going to be using Tender for support. I'm really curious to see how this goes and may follow them if it works out.

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