v2.0.1 of Mobile Web OSP Released

On Friday of last week I made some minor fixes to Mobile Web OSP based on some bug reports. Those changes are now in the GitHub repo. Here's the diff that shows all the changes to the code if you need to recreate them in your own copy. The following changes were made:

  1. The device detection has been updated to recognize Opera Mobile.
  2. The device detection has been updated so that deprecation errors aren't thrown in PHP 5.3+. All of the references to eregi() should have been replaced with preg_match().
  3. The input text color for the default theme is now black  for easier readability.
  4. The big fix was to the category drop-down in the map section. That should now work and switch the view based on the selected option.

If you've found an issue or bug please let me know so that I can fix it for others.

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