New Maintainers for jQTouch: Sencha

For those folks using jQTouch the big news this morning is that the company called ExtJS which maintains the ExtJS library has now taken over support for jQTouch (as well as Raphael, a vector graphics JS library) and renamed themselves Sencha. Their is also a new official maintainer for jQTouch in Jonathan Stark. I've been a fan of jQTouch for a bit and use it in Mobile Web OSP and WVU Mobile Web so this more official support is welcome. I had been wondering if the library had fallen a bit by the wayside and was set to be overtaken. Hopefully their's an update from Jonathan soon on what this means from the library and where things are going (stable 1.0 soon, please?). I'm also curious if this means ExtJS rather than jQuery will power the library in the future. @senchainc and @jonathanstark on Twitter.

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