Mobile Presentations on Slideshare

I have two presentations on SlideShare related to mobile technology.

Beyond the iPhone

The first presentation, "Beyond the iPhone," was given on November 12, 2009 at Stamats SIMTech in Boston, MA. Hopefully from the talk users understand why their higher ed institution may want to explore and deploy a mobile solution, some tips for developing their mobile strategy based on our experience at West Virginia University, and then an overview, with links to solutions, from WVU's mobile ecosystem. The mobile ecosystem includes using Twitter for mobile reporting, using TextMarks for an SMS solution, using Mobile Web OSP for our mobile web site and using a student-developed iPhone app, iWVU.

Emerging Mobile Tech

The second presentation, "Emerging Mobile Tech," provides an overview of three emerging trends in mobile tech highlighted by how they're being implemented at West Virginia University. It discusses how we're using WVU Mobile Web and iWVU, an iPhone app, for delivering mobile information, how we're using Layar to dip our toes into augmented reality with an AR campus map for iPhones and Android-based devices, and how we're using QR codes to help as mobile bookmarks for pushing users to our campus news source.

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