An Introduction

I guess every blog needs some sort of set-up for a first post (though I'm putting this at the top for the launch). For the last year I've been doing mobile development on and off at West Virginia University. We've implemented a few mobile sites, released an open source mobile framework, integrated a student developed iPhone app with campus resources, used QR codes and a mobile site in a coordinated campaign, allowed prospective students to check their application status via text messaging… just a boatload of things. This great post from @fienen, "Best of Mobile Higher Ed Web", has spurred me to enter the blogging world to share my own experiences as well as tips and tricks related to delivering mobile solutions in a higher ed setting. Hopefully what I share is helpful to those embarking down a similar path.

Oh, one thing to be clear about, I work for the marketing arm of our university. That means I sometimes don't see the academic uses of tech since I'm not faced with that as a problem set. So the blog as a whole may skew towards marketing.

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